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Bedside cupboards
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Our current selection of:  New arrivals 29th June

Below is our current selection of new arivals that are placed on this page as they arrive before moving to the relevant section on the website

For an additional cost the items can be waxed or hand painted in your choice of colour using Farrow & Ball, Little Greene or other paint

Some items will need new handles/wooden knobs or glass replaced

These pages are updated regularly with new arrival of stock

Item 1987   2 door slim cupboard   c1900
 Good quality, nice detailing, 3 shelves,  top piece can be removed
Height 172/165cm  Width 95cm Depth 46cm              NEW   
 Stripped £ 495   Waxed  £ 545  

Item 1988   Huge top quality wardrobe
Outstanding quality, Very substantial, hanging, Plain in design, hard to find
Height 211cm  Width 183cm Depth 67cm, internal 59cm
Stripped £ 995    Waxed  £ 1075 

Item 1989  Tall skinny 2 cupboard 
  Plain in desgin, 3 internal shelves which is split in the middle
Height 170cm  Width 75cm  Depth 45.5cm          
Stripped £ 495    Waxed  £ 545 

Item 2002

Large dresser 160cm wide

Photos to follow

Item 2000   Original painted box c1825
Dated 1825, original paint, in very good condition

Height 50cm  Width 116.5cm Depth 62cm         NEW

  £ 425
  Item 2001   Large top quality wardrobe
Outstanding quality, Very substantial, Plain in design, drawers
Height 191cm  Width 168cm Depth 63cm, internal 53cm
Stripped £ 945    Waxed  £ 995 
Item 1997 Quality base/cupboard c1900
Nice detialing, 2 door,
2 shelves
Height 102.5cm  Width 86cm Depth 42.5cm  NEW

Stripped £ 395    Waxed  £ 425 
Item 1998  Top quality base/cupboard
Outstanding, 2 drawers, very substantial
Height 112.5cm  Width 103.5cm Depth 42cm       
 Stripped £ 525    Waxed  £ 565   
Item1999   Chest of drawers   c1900
Good quality, substantial, 3 drawers,
   simple in design
 Height 79cm  Width 94.5cm Depth 47cm
Stripped £ 395    Waxed  £ 425
Item 1994  Tall cupboard/drawers
Good quality, 5 drawers,3 internal shelve
Height 151cmcm  Width 92cm Depth 48cm
  Stripped £ 565     Waxed  £ 595 
Item 1995   Quality glazed cupboard 
 Top quality, substantial, 3 shelves, drawer    NEW
Height 179cm  Width  109cm Depth 48cm
 Stripped £ 695     Waxed  £ 745   
Item 1996  Tall slim cupboard  c1900
Storage cupboard, substantial, 3 shelves, nice cornice detail, drawer
Height 180cm  Width 112 Depth 47.5cm   
Stripped £ 575     Waxed  £ 625 
Item 1991    Top quality large wardrobe
Outstanding, Louis philippe style
Height 201.5cm  Width 190cm  Depth 71cm, internal depth 51.5cm    NEW
  Stripped £ 995   Waxed £ 1075          
Item 1992  Tall cupboard c1900
plain in design, nice size, 4 internal shelves
Height 177cm  Width 93.5cm  Depth
Stripped £ 545    Waxed  £ 575

Item 1993     Pair bedsides    c1900 
nice size, drawer and internal shelve
Height 80cm  Width 44.5cm Depth 38cm  NEW
Stripped £ 315    Waxed  £ 335

Antique/industrial shop furniture
7 pieces to be added in coming weeks

Large worktable/centre island, thick rustic oak top, shelved bottom
73cm wide x 221cm long x 86cm

Shop counter, oak top, opened back
with shelves, small drawer
58cm deep x 250cm long x 86.5cm
Antique/industrial shop furniture
7 pieces to be added in coming weeks

Large pine shop counter/sideboard, 12 large drawers

61cm deep x 211cm long x 81cm

Pine shop dresser/display, hardware store, 10 drawer bottom, open shelves with 2 drawers top
214cm wide x 238cm high x 42cm deep
2 x  shop counters, 4 drawers across top, opened back with shelves. Pine top
55cm deep x 245cm long x 88cm h
Item 1990  Tall slim cupboard/wardrobe  
  cupboard/kids wardrobe, hard to find
Height 189.5cm  Width 78cm Depth
 49.5cm, internal depth 45cm  
Stripped £ 545    Waxed  £ 595 
Large 40 drawer school/haberdashery counter/sideboard
43cm deep x 239cm long x 77cm h
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  Item 1970  1 door cupboard c1880
 plain in design, 2 shelves, waxed mid brown 
Height 144cm  Width 82.5cm Depth 44cm
   Waxed  £ 495
Item 1973  Small base/cupboard   c1900
 Plain in design, drawer, internal shelve
Height 81cm  Width 64.5cm Depth 46.5cm
Stripped £ 350    Waxed  £ 395 
 Item 1952  Shop/printers drawers 
Good quality, 16 drawers, new brass knobs to be added. More info soon..
Height 83cmcm  Width 118.5cm Depth 64cm          NEW
  Stripped £ 695     Waxed  £ 745